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Our team is a strong collaboration of professionals from around the globe with a broad range of experience and expertise spanning multiple business specialties. Our drive for success through creativity and moving at the speed of today’s technology has been a cornerstone of our success. Above all the noise and circumstance, Meritum has been able to launch useful and engaging products into the mobile marketplace that have created strong real world revenue generation. While many of today’s tech companies generate revenue but operate at a loss. At Meritum Limited, we have been able to garner both revenue and market share while operating at a profit.

Boris Posilovic

With 20 years of experience in IT industry spanning from e-commerce, software development and online affiliate marketing. Wide experience in tech based startup developments in area of mobile application development as online businesses.

Aaron R. Jones

Aaron has and education background and completed coursework for a BS Degree in Chemistry and Minor in Marketing. Aaron had a great opportunity working with two Fortune 500 companies early in his career running projects for ABMI Industries Amtech Lighting Division and later moved to 3M. Aaron is currently involved in the Gaming, Sports Content, and Affiliate industries with over 18 years of experience as a Business Development and Process Engineering consultant.

Michael Albanese

Michael has over 20 years’ experience as a Consultant for the Gaming, Sports Content, and Affiliate Industries. Michael’s C level expertise is based in UI/UX engineering and strategic planning for both product development and launch.

Pindy Sidhu

Pindy studied Electrical Engineering in the Bay Area and rapidly moved into product for Fortune 500 companies (Adobe, DreamWorks, CBS) along with exposure across several Silcon Valley based companies.
Now with over a decade of experience operating in product from major corporations to startups, Pindy sits on board of directors for multiple companies across Latin America in a variety of industries ranging from technology, real estate to sport clubs.

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