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About Meritum

Meritum Limited is a mobile focused development company that develops, owns, and operates mobile App solutions across a variety of industries.
Eclectica is an App development and management company for sports teams, athletes, and influencers. Eclectica is currently contracted with and operating Apps for over 40 clients that include Football (Soccer) teams, UFC fighters, and social influencers with large followings.

Meritum Companies

Futbolete is a high traffic web, App, and social media property with close to 4 million average visits per month. Futbolete is a leader in Colombian sports content and the network of web, App, and social properties is currently situated to become one of the largest affiliates in Colombia’s regulated gaming market.
Meritum Interactive is a sports affiliate company that has been well positioned in the App environment for close to 5 years. Meritum Interactives Apps are high end competitors for sports information related traffic in both the IOS and Android marketplaces. Meritum’s sports App line up features play for fun gaming Apps with both sophisticated native software and engaging user experience.
Meritum Soft is the development studio business that is at the core of everything we do. Our main focus is on developing beautiful and cutting-edge mobile products. Meritum Soft has a variety of clients including our own internal businesses, as well as several external clients that we are currently working with to develop engaging and modern mobile and web properties.

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