Meritum Limited is a mobile focused development company that develops, owns, and operates mobile App solutions across a variety of industries. Founded as a boutique mobile development studio in 2008, Meritum has grown into a global business, building and supporting unique and bespoke App products in over 10 countries.

Apart from purely App development, Meritum Limited has acquired and managed other businesses ranging from GS systems, sports gaming Apps, high traffic affiliate websites, fantasy sports products, and official Football team apps. All of these products are currently on line today operating with success and tenure.

Our Story

Our People

Our team is a strong collaboration of professionals from around the globe with a broad range of experience and expertise spanning multiple business specialties. Our drive for success through creativity and moving at the speed of today’s technology has been a cornerstone of our success. Above all the noise and circumstance,

Meritum has been able to launch useful and engaging products into the mobile marketplace that have created strong real world revenue generation. While many of today’s tech companies generate revenue but operate at a loss. At Meritum Limited, we have been able to garner both revenue and market share while operating at a profit.

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